The wisdom of the supply chain

On January 12, 2019, in the Suzhou Jinke Grand Hotel, CM Technology was invited to participate in the "Smart Supply Chain Annual Meeting".


In the venue, enterprises from all over the world gathered to this industry sharing conference,looking forward to capturing a variety of potential business opportunities.


The meeting process went smoothly: LinkedIn's best speaker‘s report on the 2019AI new face; "Smart Logistics Strategy Core Planning" of professional managers of Xiaomi Supply Chain…… From the classic case analysis of managers and the consulting of the forefront of the future industry, what can be determined is that with international turmoil and policy changes, in 2009, there will be a year of opportunities and high risk.

Enterprises are growing year by year, improving by the perfection of the system and the supply chain is focusing on the core "product-demand-supply".




At the same time, the tea party and the wonderful evening party arranged by the meeting also gave the enterprises a chance to know each other, promote themselves and seek the chance of cooperation. CMT will also encounter cooperation in these industries step by step in future.